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The Ideal Low-Impact Exercise

Water Fitness Classes

Water fitness classes are an excellent way to get low-impact cardiovascular workouts in a fun setting with other members. Classes are offered year-round in the family recreational pool. Check the Pool Schedule for class days and times.

Adult Swim Lessons

Learning to swim is not just for children. Many adults would like to learn to swim as well. We offer private swim lessons throughout the year to help adults learn to swim or further develop their swim strokes.

Low Impact – All the Benefits!

Swimming is one of the safest and best forms of exercise, whatever your age. It is a great exercise for low-impact cardiovascular workouts and to positively impact muscle tone and endurance. Whether you swim to improve your fitness level or just for recreation, it is good for your physical and mental health. Our pools are heated year-round and are for more than just play. In addition to dedicated lanes for lap swimming, we have a number of swimming programs for adults, including Masters Swim, Water Fitness Classes, and Adult Swimming Lessons. Rejuvenating therapeutic spas, and poolside patio furniture present you with opportunities to relax before or after your workout.

master swim instruction

Masters Swimming

Masters Swimming is an organized swim group that practices under the guidance of a qualified coach and is open to adult swimmers of all ages and abilities. Whether your goal is to improve your overall fitness, improve your stroke technique or train for a swimming competition, the instruction and motivation of a Masters Swim coach can help you!

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