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Group Exercise

Class Selection

Exciting classes. Talented and supportive instructors. A wide variety of class formats offered 7 days a week. That’s what makes Spare Time Sports Clubs’ group exercise program the most popular in the area. Group classes are available in a wide variety of styles and formats.

group exercise class


Enjoy a workout with a variety of fun, innovative exercises and equipment. Our certified group exercise instructors will offer encouragement, support and help make your experience challenging, efficient and fun. Choose from a wide range of strength, light resistance, interval and circuit workouts or a sports specific workout or boot camp.

cycling class


Push yourself in one of our high-energy cycle classes. Considered one of the best cardio workouts, our cycle classes are led by seasoned pros that will help you get to the next level.

yoga class


Bring mind, body and spirit together in a workout to create a better balance within. Reduce stress, increase muscle strength and flexibility, and feed your soul in one of our Mind Body classes. Our Pilates and Yoga classes provide a refreshing workout where you can recharge yourself and your fitness routine.

dance class


Want to dance every time you hear music? You will find a variety of Dance based classes and workouts on the Group Exercise calendar weekly. Zumba and other dance workouts will fill your need to move to the music.

water fitness


Great for everybody, and every body. If you have joint issues, arthritis, or other injuries you will love working out in a heated pool year round. In the warm water your blood flows more easily, you experience a greater range of motion and chronic pain is diminished. The shallow part of the pool is also ideal for non-swimmers.

trx fitness class


In addition to a full selection of regularly scheduled classes, we have unique and new classes that rotate or are added to the schedule every month. Check out what is in store this month on the Group Exercise calendar.

woman following an online stretching class looking at TV screen


When you’re not at the club you can choose from a variety of live-streaming classes led by some of our most popular group exercise instructors. To access the complete lineup of our live-streaming classes via our mobile app, become a member today.

group exercise class

Certified Instructors

Our nationally certified Instructors lead innovative classes that will motivate and challenge you. The instructors will guide you through workouts designed to help you improve your fitness level while having fun.

Elevate Your Fitness Journey Today