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Massage Therapy Services

Therapeutic Massage or Prenatal

This soothing full body massage will gently lead you through total body relaxation/
30 Minutes: $65.00
60 Minutes: $100.00
90 Minutes: $135.00
120 Minutes: $180.00

Deep Tissue Massage

A more intense version of our therapeutic massage, this full body massage is great for those who are passionate about deep muscle work.
30 Minutes: $75.00
60 Minutes: $110.00
90 Minutes: $145.00
120 Minutes: $190.00

Specialty Massage

Stone Crop Recovery Massage: This treatment is the perfect massage to help tight, bound up muscles both release and recover. It incorporates both therapeutic and deep tissue. The Stone Crop Body Oil is infused with arnica which is great for bruises, sprains and muscle soreness.
90 Minutes: $155.00

Massage Therapy Add-Ons

Hand and Foot Treatment: $20.00
Hot Oil Scalp Treatment: $20.00
Hot Stones: $20.00
Reflexology: $20.00
Stretching: $20.00
WELL CBD Massage Oil: $30.00

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